Welcome to the Portsmouth Joggers

logoThe Portsmouth Joggers is a friendly club with about 400 runners and joggers of all abilities from beginners to ultra marathon runners. One advantage of being a big club is that when running we split into groups of different abilities so whatever your running ability we will be able to find a group for you to run with. Continue reading

Great South Run Info for PJC

Important Information for Sunday (GSR!!).

  1. Weather forecast is (just about) dry, and most importantly, not too windy. If this is your first time, ask someone about the what the wind is normally like in the last 2 miles!!
  2. Our tent is to the SE of the skate park (in the vicinity of the missing persons tent if you can see that on the map of the start/finish). Its a white 5mx5m tent – I will get our flag up when I arrive, but its the only white tent in that area. We are NOT in the club zone!
  3. Water/plastic – there will be no water bottles at the start, so bring your own! This, and the reduction from 3 to 2 water stations on the run route save about 36,000 plastic bottles apparently! They have also reduced the size (more plastic saved), and there will be more visible re-cycling as well. I will bring a few bottles for anyone who forgets!
  4. To celebrate the 30th GSR, there is a 90s theme at the start. Celebrities in attendance include Jet from Gladiators, and Timmy Mallet. On a more serious note, our own Phil Pollard will be doing his 30th GSR, never missed one, which is an incredible record.
  5. Get there in plenty of time – even the white wave, as road closures start at 9.45, and it gets busy! No train works for once, so that is an option.
  6. Due to a narrowing of the road through the dockyard, to avoid a bottleneck, the route has been tweaked (eg on Winston Churchill Avenue, you turn just before the roundabout now), and the waves have been staggered more than usual to help reduce the risk. Should be easy to follow, just as long as you aren’t leading!!!
  7. For those running – best of luck and enjoy the occasion. For those helping – thank you and enjoy your Greggs!!

Competition Time!

We have teamed up with local company, runr, who have kindly provided us with some prizes for a Great South Run themed competition. Obviously this closes at midnight on 20th October, and is only open to PJC members.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is guess the number of PJC finishers (who have included Portsmouth Joggers as their club) in the GSR main event on Sunday 21st October.

To help you, we had 144 PJC finishers in 2018, and 135 in 2017.

Good luck – to enter, click here, which takes you to the competition page on the runr website.

Club Championship Races

As part of our support of the Hampshire Road Race League (HRRL), this season we are nominating 2 races to be PJC club championship races.

Gosport Half Marathon – 17th November 2019. Enter here.
Stubbington 10K – 12th January 2020. Enter here.

These races are very popular, both with PJC runners and everyone else, and despite having fields of over 2,000, they will sell out very quickly. So don’t delay! (You can transfer your entry to someone else if you find you cant do it for any reason).

For each (UKA) age group, we will award prizes for the top 3 in each age group (eg 40-49 male, 50-59 female etc). Full details of this on our HRRL page here, as well as other incentives we offere to those who support the club by entering HRRL races. Prizes (commemorative shields) will be presented at the re-vamped club awards night in April.

Please make sure you enter as a Portsmouth Jogger!

Great South Run Volunteers

As in previous years, PJC is supporting the Great South Run by manning the 2 water stations on Sunday’s main event, and providing marshals for both Saturday and Sunday.

In fact, the water stations is a tradition that dates back to the 2nd ever GSR in 1991 (the first one being held in Southampton).

There are 2 water stations this year, Winston Churchill Avenue and the 10th Hole. All volunteers receive a GSR technical t shirt, and a Greggs lunch! It is great fun, and friends and family are welcome to volunteer as well (you don’t have to be a PJC member in other words).

Simply send an e-mail to water@pjc.org.uk, including your t-shirt size, and preferred station (if any). You can also see Davina or any committee member on club nights if you want to put your name down or find out more information.

Kiernan is co-ordinating the marshals – again you get a technical t-shirt if you volunteer – see Kiernan on club nights as we need a few more marshals on Sunday’s main event.

XC Captain

As you may have seen, we need a new XC captain, so if anyone is interested in being captain this season, please let me (chair@pjc.org.uk) know as soon as possible. We already have someone who is interested, so this is to see if there is anyone else who would like to help the club in this role.

Parkrun “Takeovers”

Southsea Parkrun – 31st August 2019.

Volunteer, run, or just support. Followed by breakfast on the beach!
We will put the gazebo up near the start finish.
If you want to volunteer, either click here, or e-mail Steve at chair@pjc.org.uk, and I will add you.
Please feel free to bring food and drink!

Lakeside Parkrun – 21st September 2019.

This is also our latest C25K group graduation, so again the more the merrier, run, volunteer, cheer. Gazebo will be up again, and as above, please bring some food or drink if you want.

Volunteer by clicking here, or let me (Steve) know, and I will add you.

Autumn Training Schedules

4 of our groups leaders have designed training plans for the Autumn, so I have included links below together with a brief group bio to help you choose the most suitable for you.

The Inbetweeners schedule is not aimed at any particular race, while the other 3 groups will have interval work on Tuesdays, with a longer run on Thursdays in preparation for October and December races. Everyone is welcome to switch between them, and indeed the other groups, to suit your own plans and fitness levels.

The other groups will continue as normal – see here for more details.

Inbetweeners Group – Tess has drawn up a schedule for the next 6 months (to March 2020). You can access the schedule here.

Ian’s GSR Group – training schedule here.
This is a group aiming at the GSR on 20th October.
Pace is for those looking to achieve 1hour 40 mins (10 mins per mile).
Pace chart is here.
Thursday run typically around 5 miles.

Kiernan’s Group – training schedule here.
Aimed at GSR or anyone looking to improve their half or full marathon.
Pace around 1.20 – 1.30 for GSR, 4.30 or less for a marathon.
Thursday run typically around 8 miles.

Tony’s group – training schedule here.
Aimed ultimately at the Coastal marathon on 22nd December, but also valid for Autumn marathons, and the GSR.
For those aiming under 1.20 at GSR, though all paces catered for.
Marathon pace around 3.45 or under.
Thursday runs build up to 10+ miles.

PJC Champions of Pace 2019 – Club members only event.

We are delighted to announce that the pace challenge is back. This event is aimed at bringing the whole club together…all groups are therefore asked join in and so there are no group runs on the event nights. Please also wear PJC kit.

This is the chance for the club to give something back to the members with quality trophies / a pair of trainers for the winners and Alexandra Sports vouchers too.
The event is free to enter to all joggers who are paid up members of the club as at this years renewal. Yes FREE.

The event is designed to encourage all members to take part and the format is speed ability inclusive so that there is absolutely no advantage if you happen to be a faster runner. This is NOT A RACE. The objective is to predict your time to run 5k…and then get as close as possible with no watch or gps… so leave them at home.

There are two competitions.
The Champions of Pace tests your ability to predict your time over a series of runs. There are 3 runs of 5k on the Lakeside Parkrun course. We take your best two runs and calculate your total cumulative time error. Closest prediction wins. This also means if you miss one of the runs you still qualify in the event. There are two categories to make it as fair as possible: experienced for members who have run for more than a year (whether or not with PJC) and novice, for those new to running.

For those who took part last year you will note that the 10k runs have been dropped. This is in response to feed back that some found that too far… good to know… we want everyone to get involved.
There is also the Ace of Pace prize for the single most accurate run. This was introduced for those who struggle to make club nights, but may be able to come along to at least one event run.

All runs will start as soon as possible after 7pm on Tuesday club nights as follows:
June 4th , 11th and 18th

The results will be published each week so that you can monitor progress and look to improve your accuracy in the next run by adjusting your pace or predicted time.
The prizes!
• There will be trophies for the Champions of Pace and for the Ace of Pace.
• The Champions of Pace will win a pair of trainers from Alexandra Sports.
• Second place will win a £50 voucher to spend in Alexandra Sports.
• Third place will win a £20 voucher to spend in Alexandra Sports.
• The Ace of Pace will win a £30 voucher to spend in Alexandra Sports.

Now the important bit….We ask those who finish to stay and clap all the runners in… guaranteed to put a smile on the face of everyone.
To enter – this message is also on the Portsmouth Joggers Members facebook page, where you can post, or alternatively e-mail chair@pjc.org.uk with your name, predicted time, and whether novice or experienced, and Steve will pass onto me. I will also take entries on Tuesday club nights from 28th May. I will issue you with a runner number which you then use for all runs. Please look after it and bring to each run.

This event can only take place if we have volunteers to help marshal. Please let me know if you can help. To avoid any last minute uncertainty it would be really appreciated if you can volunteer asap so I have the team in place. My volunteers last year were totally brilliant and all loved it. Thanks again team.

Chris Gambs