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logoThe Portsmouth Joggers is a friendly club with about 400 runners and joggers of all abilities from beginners to ultra marathon runners. One advantage of being a big club is that when running we split into groups of different abilities so whatever your running ability we will be able to find a group for you to run with. Continue reading

NEW 5-10k programme

There will be a new 5-10k programme starting on Tuesday 6th July. Please see the link for more information and how to register your interest and book onto the programme.

Support Requested for Academic study: Foot and Ankle Osteoarthritis and Pain in Athletics.

Dear Portsmouth Joggers Club members,

I hope this email finds you well.

My name is Hannah Cassidy and I am currently completing a Masters in Physiotherapy at the University of Southampton. I have contacted your club to ask if you (its members) would be willing to take part in my MSc research project.

What is the study?

As part of my Masters project, and in collaboration with The Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis (Versus Arthritis), I am conducting a survey study to understand the frequency and impact of foot and ankle pain and osteoarthritis in track, field and running athletes within the Hampshire area. As part of this, I also wish to determine the response rate to the questionnaire. 

Why have I been asked to participate?

The study is interested in the sporting history of individuals in the Hampshire area who are:

  • Training and competing in athletic events
  • Training but not competing in athletic events
  • Retired from competing
  • Retired from training and competing

What is required from you?

Participation involves completing an online survey, via MicrosoftForms (here).

The survey includes questions on:

  • General health
  • Sporting history
  • Injuries to the foot and ankle
  • Footwear

The survey is expected to take approximately 20 minutes.

What age must I be to participate?

Above 18 years old.

What athletic events are eligible to participate?

  • Sprints (100, 200 and 400m) 
  • Relays (4 x 100m and 4 x 400m)
  • Middle distance runs (800 and 1500m)
  • Long distance runs (3000 – 10,000 m) including steeplechase (3000m)
  • Hurdles (100, 110 and 400m)
  • Jumps (high, long, triple and pole vault)
  • Throws (discuss, shot put, javelin and hammer throw)
  • Road running (half marathon and full marathon). 

Please note this list is not exhaustive and as such you may self-identify what event(s) you have or currently compete in if this is not listed above. 

Who has access to my responses?

Any information you share will be kept completely confidential and in no cases will individuals be identified from their responses.

Is there more information available?

Yes. More information can be found via the Participant Information Sheet (here).

What’s next?

If you wish to participate in the study, please click on the link here to complete the questionnaire.


Copy and paste the link below.


If you have any further questions at all, please directly contact (hrpc1r20@soton.ac.uk).

Thank you in advance for your time and support. 

Many thanks,

H. Cassidy 

MSc Physiotherapy Year 2

Gosport 5k series

The Gosport 5k summer series is back from 8th June if anyone is interested in taking part https://www.nice-work.org.uk/races/gosport-5k-series-1

NEW 5k to 10k programme

There will be a trial of a 9 week programme to take members from 5k to 10k runners over the course of 9 weeks. This will run from Tuesday 6th July till Thursday 2nd September. The 9 weeks will include structured sessions for Tuesday and Thursday club nights with a homework session to be completed over the weekend to complete that week’s training. This is only available to PJC members and is free of charge.

The purpose of the programme is to support club members to progress from 5k to 10k runners in 9 weeks. On completion of the programme, club members will be encouraged to identify the current group that best meets their running needs.

This will initially be led by the C25K programme leader, supported by other experienced PJC members. If you are interested in taking part in this 9 week programme, please e-mail chair@pjc.org.uk to confirm your place.

Weekend running group

Tony Conway has a weekend running group that will be doing LSR at 8.30 mm pace. Tony will publish the day/time and route for the run in the week before. Please book here if you want to run with this group.