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logoThe Portsmouth Joggers is a friendly club with about 400 runners and joggers of all abilities from beginners to ultra marathon runners. One advantage of being a big club is that when running we split into groups of different abilities so whatever your running ability we will be able to find a group for you to run with. Continue reading

Ryde 10 mile race report

I’ve never been sure what’s harder, running up hills or running into strong winds. Well this weekend I along with a hoard of PJC team mates were given the chance to find out.

After heading over the water by hovercraft and car ferry, it was soon apparent during the walk to race HQ, that the sunshine and palm trees were only there to lull us into a false sense of security. The cold air was only being made cooler by the strong northerly wind battering us on the promenade.

We were aware that Ryde had arranged a slight course change this year, substituting one hill for another, what we weren’t expecting was an almost entirely different route for the middle 8 miles of this 10 mile race.

The new route was certainly even more challenging than the previously hilly route, with some new off road sections, steep gradient hills, and strong beach side headwinds making this the most difficult race on the HRRL calendar

That said it wasn’t all doom and gloom, despite inevitable grumbles, everybody I spoke to enjoyed the challenge (because flat runs are boring), and some were already looking forward to return again next year!

After the race we all picked up easily the best HRRL bling of the season so far, and the team heading up one final hill for post race refreshments and recovery nutrition at the local watering hole to top off a great PJC day out.

Despite the conditions there were some seriously impressive times and performances. A few race ‘awards’ to pick out some highlights…

Speedster of the day – Jonny Langley – Unbelievably Jonny managed to better his PB set at pancake flat Hayling, and get into the exclusive sub-70 club on this outrageously difficult course. Very impressive and expecting big things in the next few races!

Best effort of the day – Kiernan Easton – not content with 10 hilly miles, Kiernan decided to add on an extra 4 miles to keep his marathon training on track. Ridiculous.

Rookie of the day – Angela Gaston Langley – completing your first ever ten miler on that route is a very admirable effort. They do get easier (and flatter) I promise!

Team mate of the day – Donna Sheppard – sacrificed her own run to pace Angela round. Thats TeamPJC spirit right there.

Well done to all that ran, and thank you for making it such an enjoyable day. Looking forward to the the next race (Eastleigh 10k) already.

Finally, thanks to Brian Rees, Joanna Guy, and Mrs Chris McCauley for the support and photographs. We really appreciate it!

—– Results —–

Mens A Team:
01:03:49 Robert FORD
01:06:19 Richard BAILEY
01:09:05 Jonny LANGLEY (PB)
01:10:00 John GOSLING

Mens B Team:
01:12:34 Peter BIRCH
01:12:40 Simon LANGLEY
01:14:28 Chris MCCAULEY
01:14:34 Neil DYER (Course PB)

Mens C Team:
01:15:04 Daniel ARNOLD
01:15:53 Bob PENTLAND
01:22:24 Robert LANGLEY
01:23:31 David JOHNS

Ladies A Team:
01:19:25 Nicola THOMAS
01:21:41 Samantha BLACKLEDGE
01:37:03 Jane NOCKEMANN

Ladies B Team:
01:38:59 Sarah CLARKE
01:39:55 Natasha ARMSTRONG
01:42:15 Karen CLARK

Additional PJC Finishers:
01:31:22 Kiernan EASTON
01:39:06 Simon EVANS
01:49:16 Annette ABLITT
01:50:35 Isabel GARDNER (Course PB)
01:54:38 Claire JOYCE
01:57:29 Lorraine STEWART
02:02:46 Loraine MORGAN
02:05:16 Donna SHEPPARD
02:05:16 Angela LANGLEY (First 10 Miler)
02:08:38 Debbie PENTLAND

David Johns – Team Captain

Pamber Forest XC Race

Almost perfect running conditions met the team at the first race of the Southern XC League at Pamber Forest today; dry and not too warm with a bit of give in the ground.
The organisers had added a 400m loop at the start of the race to help avoid the normal bottleneck crowds as we run down the hill onto the long straight into the forest, it certainly seemd to have the desired effect with much smoother transition from the heath.
The Ladies team was led home by Emma Brewin in 22nd place – worth getting out of your bed for Emma? 2nd lady back was newcomer Vicky Landi in 91st place, 3rd lady home and final scorer for the team was another newcomer Alison Howarth in 101st place – well done Vicky and Alison, storming performance for your inaugaral race. The other finishers in the ladies team were Karen Clark 114, Gissele Leishman 124 (brilliant considering how full of cold you were), Rebecca Peatman 145 – well done Doc, newcomer Tina Brown 148, Nicky Jones 155, Lorraine Morgan 170, Debbie Winn 171, Alsion Smith 173 and Joanna Guy 176 – another newcomer to the team.
The Ladies team scored 214 points and came in 17th position.
The Men were led home by newcomer Oliver Robertson in 106th place, 2nd saw the welcome return of Joe Addyman in 110th, 3rd was Barry Griffin in 122nd – Barry is making really good progress in his race fitness after an injury layoff, 4th back Derek Powles in 131st and 5th scorer for the team was Neil Dyer in 134th. The other finishers for the team were Ian Jones (Captain) 152, Dave Williams 153, John Hunt 202, newcomer Simon Evans 207, John Shepherd 224 and Brian Rees 227.
The Men’s team scored 603 points and came in position 17th.
The overall combined position was 17th out of 25 clubs.
Well done to everyone who ran today with a very big welcome to all the new Joggers who joined the team today.
The next race is organised by us on the 12th November at QE Country Park, please contact the Race Director Pip Wright to offer your help and support. Please consider volunteering, all the tasks are very easy to do and we’d be really very grateful for all your help.
Ian Jones
XC Team Captain

Unattended Bags at Lakeside

Lakeside management have asked us to remind you that personal bags MUST NOT be left unattended while you are out running with the club.
In the current security climate any unattended bags will be treated as a suspect package, Lakeside cannot and will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your property.
Please, please do not put our tenure at Lakeside at risk because of your unattended property.

So You Want to Run Long?

Or alternatively Ultra Running for Dummies.

Aimed at those runners looking to run further than the normal marathon distance this is a relaxed and informative introduction to some dos, don’ts and potential pitfalls of training for and running longer races. Led by Russ Bestley and Bob Maguire – “we have made most of the mistakes in the book, and can perhaps help you avoid them yourselves.”

7pm Wednesday 4th October at Lakeside 1000, contact Ian Jones to book your free place.


7pm Wednesday 4th October at Lakeside,

EGM – 19th September 2017

Portsmouth Joggers Club – EGM

19th September 2017 6.15pm at 1000 Lakeside

Motion proposal

An EGM has been called by the committee to make an amendment to the current constitution. As the club is looking to move to an online membership system, we believe the current data protection policy needs clarifying. The following proposal has been put forward and a separate Data Protection Policy written up.

At present the constitution contains a section titled (7. Data Protection Act Policy), there is an earlier reference in section 5 to a “Data Protection Policy”. We should fix this difference in wording. Since there are (low likelihood) circumstances in which we would be asked to show a policy document, having it form part of the constitution could prove difficult. It should be kept as a stand alone document (possibly included as an appendix) with appropriate references inside the constitution.

The committee propose we remove section 7 and replace it with the following text.

  1. Data Protection
  1. The running of the club requires the collection and storage of personal data.
  2. All handling of personal data should be accurate, secure and in accordance with best practise and all applicable regulation.
  3. The committee shall have prepared a Data Protection Policy to guide the handling of personal data, establish best practice and ensure compliance with applicable regulation.
  4. The committee shall seek to appoint a data protection officer to recommend policy and monitor compliance.
  5. It is the responsibility of the Committee to ensure the Data Protection Policy is maintained in order to meet the needs of administering the club and compliance with regulation.
  6. Any substantive changes to the Policy should be presented at the next AGM or EGM to be ratified by majority vote.

Policy document

HRRL Team Captain Awards

The Hampshire Road Race League team captain Barry Griffin had a difficult decision to make after the hugely successful conclusion to the season; who were going to be the recipients of the Captain’s Awards?

So many Joggers had caught his attention throughout the season that his decision was made even harder by so many individual achievements.

The ladies award went to Isabel Gardner, there are a lot of races through the season and they can be some distance away, but Isabel entered and ran at every one of them.

Adam Barlow consistently finished towards the front of each race and Adam received the men’s award for finishing 5th overall in the league.

Congratulations to both Isabel and Adam and a huge well done to everyone that ran at any HRRL race during the year, you have all helped to make this another successful season for Pompey Joggers.

On another note, so he concentrate on recovering due to ongoing persistent injury, Barry has made the difficult decision to step down as the HRRL team captain and as a consequence we are looking for someone to take on the role. Thank you from all of us Barry, your race reports will be sorely missed as will you and we hope you’re running with us again soon.

If you are interested or just want to find out what is involved, please come and have a chat with any of the committee.