EGM – 19th September 2017

Portsmouth Joggers Club – EGM

19th September 2017 6.15pm at 1000 Lakeside

Motion proposal

An EGM has been called by the committee to make an amendment to the current constitution. As the club is looking to move to an online membership system, we believe the current data protection policy needs clarifying. The following proposal has been put forward and a separate Data Protection Policy written up.

At present the constitution contains a section titled (7. Data Protection Act Policy), there is an earlier reference in section 5 to a “Data Protection Policy”. We should fix this difference in wording. Since there are (low likelihood) circumstances in which we would be asked to show a policy document, having it form part of the constitution could prove difficult. It should be kept as a stand alone document (possibly included as an appendix) with appropriate references inside the constitution.

The committee propose we remove section 7 and replace it with the following text.

  1. Data Protection
  1. The running of the club requires the collection and storage of personal data.
  2. All handling of personal data should be accurate, secure and in accordance with best practise and all applicable regulation.
  3. The committee shall have prepared a Data Protection Policy to guide the handling of personal data, establish best practice and ensure compliance with applicable regulation.
  4. The committee shall seek to appoint a data protection officer to recommend policy and monitor compliance.
  5. It is the responsibility of the Committee to ensure the Data Protection Policy is maintained in order to meet the needs of administering the club and compliance with regulation.
  6. Any substantive changes to the Policy should be presented at the next AGM or EGM to be ratified by majority vote.

Policy document