Ryde 10 mile race report

I’ve never been sure what’s harder, running up hills or running into strong winds. Well this weekend I along with a hoard of PJC team mates were given the chance to find out.

After heading over the water by hovercraft and car ferry, it was soon apparent during the walk to race HQ, that the sunshine and palm trees were only there to lull us into a false sense of security. The cold air was only being made cooler by the strong northerly wind battering us on the promenade.

We were aware that Ryde had arranged a slight course change this year, substituting one hill for another, what we weren’t expecting was an almost entirely different route for the middle 8 miles of this 10 mile race.

The new route was certainly even more challenging than the previously hilly route, with some new off road sections, steep gradient hills, and strong beach side headwinds making this the most difficult race on the HRRL calendar

That said it wasn’t all doom and gloom, despite inevitable grumbles, everybody I spoke to enjoyed the challenge (because flat runs are boring), and some were already looking forward to return again next year!

After the race we all picked up easily the best HRRL bling of the season so far, and the team heading up one final hill for post race refreshments and recovery nutrition at the local watering hole to top off a great PJC day out.

Despite the conditions there were some seriously impressive times and performances. A few race ‘awards’ to pick out some highlights…

Speedster of the day – Jonny Langley – Unbelievably Jonny managed to better his PB set at pancake flat Hayling, and get into the exclusive sub-70 club on this outrageously difficult course. Very impressive and expecting big things in the next few races!

Best effort of the day – Kiernan Easton – not content with 10 hilly miles, Kiernan decided to add on an extra 4 miles to keep his marathon training on track. Ridiculous.

Rookie of the day – Angela Gaston Langley – completing your first ever ten miler on that route is a very admirable effort. They do get easier (and flatter) I promise!

Team mate of the day – Donna Sheppard – sacrificed her own run to pace Angela round. Thats TeamPJC spirit right there.

Well done to all that ran, and thank you for making it such an enjoyable day. Looking forward to the the next race (Eastleigh 10k) already.

Finally, thanks to Brian Rees, Joanna Guy, and Mrs Chris McCauley for the support and photographs. We really appreciate it!

—– Results —–

Mens A Team:
01:03:49 Robert FORD
01:06:19 Richard BAILEY
01:09:05 Jonny LANGLEY (PB)
01:10:00 John GOSLING

Mens B Team:
01:12:34 Peter BIRCH
01:12:40 Simon LANGLEY
01:14:28 Chris MCCAULEY
01:14:34 Neil DYER (Course PB)

Mens C Team:
01:15:04 Daniel ARNOLD
01:15:53 Bob PENTLAND
01:22:24 Robert LANGLEY
01:23:31 David JOHNS

Ladies A Team:
01:19:25 Nicola THOMAS
01:21:41 Samantha BLACKLEDGE
01:37:03 Jane NOCKEMANN

Ladies B Team:
01:38:59 Sarah CLARKE
01:39:55 Natasha ARMSTRONG
01:42:15 Karen CLARK

Additional PJC Finishers:
01:31:22 Kiernan EASTON
01:39:06 Simon EVANS
01:49:16 Annette ABLITT
01:50:35 Isabel GARDNER (Course PB)
01:54:38 Claire JOYCE
01:57:29 Lorraine STEWART
02:02:46 Loraine MORGAN
02:05:16 Donna SHEPPARD
02:05:16 Angela LANGLEY (First 10 Miler)
02:08:38 Debbie PENTLAND

David Johns – Team Captain