Club vests and commercial sponsorship.

Commercial sponsorship of events aims to subsidise the costs of events down and publicise the sponsors business or services. they also help to reduce the cost to individual entrants.

Some club members recently received vests in club colours with the name of the sponsor of the Coastal Marathon; TJ Waste, emblazoned on them. These vests and the associated sponsorship is welcomed by the club and we want to express our thanks to TJ Waste for their generous donation and sponsorship of the event and individual athletes.

However, we need to remind members that wearing of these vests in any other race or event held under UKA rules is prohibited under Rule 143 Supplement 1 of the UKA Rule Book 2018-20 and can lead to sanction of the club and the individual athlete by England Athletics.

Be proud of your achievement and express your thanks to TJ Waste for their sponsorship, but please keep these vests for training or non-competitive events.