Autumn Training Schedules

4 of our groups leaders have designed training plans for the Autumn, so I have included links below together with a brief group bio to help you choose the most suitable for you.

The Inbetweeners schedule is not aimed at any particular race, while the other 3 groups will have interval work on Tuesdays, with a longer run on Thursdays in preparation for October and December races. Everyone is welcome to switch between them, and indeed the other groups, to suit your own plans and fitness levels.

The other groups will continue as normal – see here for more details.

Inbetweeners Group – Tess has drawn up a schedule for the next 6 months (to March 2020). You can access the schedule here.

Ian’s GSR Group – training schedule here.
This is a group aiming at the GSR on 20th October.
Pace is for those looking to achieve 1hour 40 mins (10 mins per mile).
Pace chart is here.
Thursday run typically around 5 miles.

Kiernan’s Group – training schedule here.
Aimed at GSR or anyone looking to improve their half or full marathon.
Pace around 1.20 – 1.30 for GSR, 4.30 or less for a marathon.
Thursday run typically around 8 miles.

Tony’s group – training schedule here.
Aimed ultimately at the Coastal marathon on 22nd December, but also valid for Autumn marathons, and the GSR.
For those aiming under 1.20 at GSR, though all paces catered for.
Marathon pace around 3.45 or under.
Thursday runs build up to 10+ miles.