Message from the Chair!

What a weekend, and what a weekend for Portsmouth Joggers! We had runners in Saturday’s races – the canine race, the kids races, and the 5K. Well, maybe not all participants were club members, but they were pets/children of….
And of course, plenty of Joggers helping out with marshalling and handing out goody bags at the finish.

Then Sunday, 133 (official) finishers, and as always a few more showing as unattached, and far too many stories to mention anyone without listing half the club! But well done to all of you, whether it was a PB, beating your goal for the race, your first ever 10 miles, helping someone else get round, or just having fun amongst the superb crowd.
I hope everyone had a bit of fun with the competition to guess the number of finishers, no-one was spot on!, results out later today hopefully!

And our volunteers – an early start (for some the 2nd day in a row) to make sure everything is ready for the runners, and then the incredible support for all our runners as we pass through the water stations, it really does give us an incredible boost. Again, no names as I would then have to list the other half of the club!, but a personal thank you to each and every one of you.
PJC are held in extraordinarily high regard by the Great Run organisers, as we have been manning the water stations and doing a great job since year 2 when the race moved to Portsmouth, and this has now expanded to helping with marshals – not just with the helpers, but co-ordinating all the marshals in the first half of the course.
It gave me immense pride to fully appreciate this respect for the club that has built up over the years, so a big thank you not just for those who helped this year, but all our team leaders and helpers past and present.

I know the Great South Run isn’t for everyone – we had 10 Joggers recording some amazing performances in the Amsterdam Full and Half marathon, which would be headline news any other day! Well done to them, and anyone else (Abingdon etc) – normally worth a big shout out for such good runs and flying the club flag abroad!

While I am writing, a quick mention for a few things coming up:

Winter Cross Country at QE on 10th November – our own race in the cross country league. No pre-entry for runners, just turn up in your Joggers top for an 11.00 start.
As its our own race, we will need marshals and cake/post race snack makers – let us know if you can help.

Malta 2020 – our 9th year in Malta – always plenty of Joggers on tour, what can go wrong?! There are also some races (walkathon, half and full marathon). We are having some information sessions this week at 6.30 before club runs on Tuesday and Thursday – pop along, or see here for more.

Tony is organising another “all club” run on 31st October – these have proved to be hugely popular so far, and I am sure Tony might have a halloween theme for this one! It really is aimed at all groups, but please let me know (come and have a chat before we run one evening) if you would like us to have alternative group runs as well – I don’t want anyone feeling they cant come to club on these “all club” evenings.

And finally – please complete the survey we have sent out – again let me or Davina know if not received (e-mail fire walls always cause us problems on mass e-mails). Myself and the excellent committee really do want to know your views, good or bad, as we try and move forward.

Thank you all for