AGM 25th February 2021

Due to Covid restrictions, the 2020 AGM was cancelled. As its unlikely in the next few months that the restrictions will be eased enough to allow in-person meetings of this scale, the 2021 AGM will be held slightly early on 25th February 2021, at 7.00pm.

This meeting will be virtual, and all members will be sent details of how to join this meeting by 18th February, as well as details of how to vote in advance if you wish to do so (or are unable to attend the virtual meeting).

You can access the agenda here.

If you cannot join the AGM via zoom, you can submit your votes in advance, details of this plus all the supporting documents for the AGM are on the website, via a link available on our facebook page, and sent to you recently in 3 seperate e-mails (AGM notifications and newsletter).

If you cannot find the link (or have any other problems or queries), then please contact