The current members of the Portsmouth Joggers Club committee are:

Chairman: Ian Jones

Vice-Chairman: Vacant (No Picture Available)

Secretary: George Garratt – resigned during the year.

The Committee temporarily co-opted Joanna Guy until the next AGM.










Treasurer: Mike Collins – resigned during the year.

The Committee temporarily co-opted Ben Stait until the AGM.

Brian Rees: Committee Member

James Sharman: Committee Member

Jonny Langley: Committee Member

Phil Hoy: Committee Member



Ideas, Questions, Comments?

The committee welcome all feedback and suggestions on how to make the club even better. If you have any issues or ideas then let us know. The committee are usually at the club on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, or you can email the whole of committee at

Helping Your Club

Committee members are elected each year at the AGM in April. Any member of the club may stand for election, if you want to get more involved with the running of the club either by being part of the committee or helping out with the organisation and running of races and other events then please approach any of the current committee members.

Club Rules and Constitution

The current club rules and constitution can be downloaded here.

Incident Reporting

Please complete and return to the Secretary or Chair an Incident Report form in the event someone becomes ill or injured during a club organised event

Committee Minutes

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