Sunday Training with Adam and Peter

Adam Barlow and Peter Collins have formed a group on a Sunday morning for the slightly quicker runners within the club. Their aim is to have a slower/steadier run covering longer distances. A pace of 8-9 min per mile will be the standard they are aiming for but they will loop back and connect with anyone running slower. The are looking to cover distances over half marathon with the aim of taking you to full marathon distance.

They will meet on a Sunday at 08:15 for an 08:30 run off outside the 1000 Lakeside. They have no set dates but will be looking to run on weeks when there are no HRRL or XC races. Both are very quick runners but want to increase their own distance training as well. Follow them on the Portsmouth Joggers Facebook page for run updates. As soon as I can get a schedule I will try and post.