UKA membership benefits

These are in addition to PJC member benefits, and are available if you pay the extra £15 a year to become UKA registered. Contact our membership secretary, Davina, on, if you want to add this to your PJC membership.

UKA website is here.

Note – UKA membership is optional, but being affiliated gets you £2 off entry to any UKA affiliated race (so 7 races and you have got your money back). It also gives the following benefits:

  • Personal profile page on the Power of 10 national rankings website
  • Reduced entry fees for UKA licensed road and multi-terrain events (minimum £2). Most races are UKA affiliated races.
  • Discounted products at Sweatshop such as £15 off Running Shoes, 20% off Spikes and Racing Shoes, 15% off Spring/Summer Apparel, 20% off Autumn/Winter Apparel, £15 off Cross Country/Trail Shoes. Spend over £75 on Autumn/Winter apparel (incl High Viz) and get £20 off Running Shoes and much more.
  • Discounts on Athletics Weekly magazine, save £6 per year on a Junior Subscription or £12 per year on a senior subscription.
  • 10% off athletics equipment from Eveque and Sunwise sunglasses
  • You will be entitled to discounts on coaching courses including Athletics Leader, Assistant Coach, Athletics Coach, Children’s Coach and Coach in Running Fitness qualifications