Running Groups

Udated 28th September 2020.

Tony Conway’s group – suitable for those running under 8.30 mins per mile pace. Typically intervals on Tuesdays, and longer runs (8 miles) on Thursday. Sessions vary, and are focused on half and full marathon training during Autumn and Spring.

Hermits group – suitable for those running 9-10 minute mile pace. Training is focused on races in Spring and Autumn (you don’t have to race though!!), and will typically be intervals on Tuesdays, and longer runs (5-6 miles) on Thursdays.

Inbetweeners Group – suitable for those that run around 10 minute mile pace. Structured training plans, usually with intervals on Tuesdays and steady runs on Thursdays (up to 5-6 miles).

Social Runners – aimed at those running 11+ minutes per mile. Runs are usually 3-4 miles in length, with plenty of re-groups to catch up. You should be able to run for around 30-40 minutes continuously to join this group.

Other Groups – we are looking to expand these groups as our numbers build back up after lockdown.

Couch to 5K group – aimed at getting you to the point of running for 30 minutes continuously – and ideally complete a 5K. See our seperate C25K page.
If any club member wants to start a new group, please e-mail