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Running Groups

Group Leaders Guidance and Code of Practice

The club has issued guidance and a Code of Practice for Group Leaders.

While they are directed at Group Leaders they can be used by anyone within the club looking for help when working within the group structure.

Group Leader Guidance

Group Leader Code of Practice

Erica’s Group

Erica Group Leader: Erica

Deputy Leader: Nicki Panter

Distance: 4-5 miles

Pace: 12 min/mile – run/walk.

The Social Running Group

Group Leader: Mandy
Deputy Leader: Sue

Distance: 3-5 miles
Pace: 12 – 14 min/mile

With the social group we just want to come along and run!

A lot of us don’t want to do races but some do…On a Tuesday we aim to do 3 to 4miles and on a Thursday 4 to 5 miles.

The only thing we ask is that we don’t have any walkers. We don’t mind a rest walk BUT can not cater for walking 100% of the time,

Speed is not issue and fast ones loop back to the slower ones.

The Inbetweeners Group

Group Leader: Tess, Clare
Deputy Leader: 

Distance: 6 miles
Pace: 9 1/2 – 12 min/mile

This is a relaxed and friendly group aimed at 9 1/2 – 11 minute mile pace. Tuesday sessions will be interval training and Thursday sessions will be approximately 10k distance. Slower runners will be encouraged to progress to a faster pace but there will be no pressure to achieve beyond your own goals.

John’s Group

Group Leader: John
Deputy Leader:

Distance: 4-5 miles
Pace: 10-12 min/mile

During the summer, my group will be running with Bert’s group.  Otherwise, meet at Lakeside.

Bert’s Group

Group Leader: Bert
Deputy Leader:

Distance: 5-6 miles
Pace:10-10.5 min/mile

We are a fun bunch that work hard and look out for each other and welcome new members.

During the Summer months we sometimes run from locations other than 1000 Lakeside for a bit of variety.

Suzi’s Group

Group Leader: Suzi
Deputy Leader:

Distance: 5-6 miles
Pace: 10 min/mile

Hi I am Suzi and I take an intermediate group at the jogging club.

My group varies in size from a few brave souls to about 8 to 10 depending on the time of the year.

We run distances of between 5 and 6.5 miles at a pace averaging 9:45 – 10:00 minutes per mile.

Our group has a core of 5 to 6 runners who have been running together for about 8 years who are happy to stay at the distances and pace that we do. Some of my group enter regular 10k or 10 miles races and I even have a couple that have completed a marathon or two.

The group is also a good stepping stone for those who may want to go faster and further given time.

Indeed, over the years we have had many runners who after a few weeks or months have progressed to different groups within the club.

We offer a fun friendly group that I hope all new members will enjoy.

Ian’s Group

Group Leader: Ian
Deputy Leader:

Distance: 5 to 7 miles
Pace: 10 min/mile and below

This group is aimed at those who want focused training in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, you decide how hard you want to work, we’ll give support and encouragement and the occasional push but you should enjoy your running and not feel it’s a chore.
In general we’ll train for races up to half marathon at a 10 min/mile pace and in the Autumn we focus on the Great South Run, with a target completion time of 1 hr 40 mins and below.
Generally we follow a training schedule that has interval training on Tuesday and 5 to 7 miles on Thursday, there is also a suggested distance (homework!) for your weekend run.
You can choose to attend any or all of the sessions as suits, and we won’t get bent out of shape if you decide to take an evening off or run with another group. It’s about working towards a goal and enjoying yourself along the way.
A pace chart is here to help you.

Bill’s Group

Group Leader: Bill Scales
Deputy Leader: Steve Bell

Distance: 7-9 miles
Pace: 8-9 min/mile

We run a variety of different routes around Portsmouth and up Portsdown Hill. Faster runners have the opportunity of running extra loops so there is opportunity to push yourself if you want to get better or just stay with the main group if you want a gossip and to hear Steve’s latest bad joke.

During the summer months the group does not run from 1000 Lakeside on Thursdays – instead we run off-road from various locations just outside the city.

Kiernan’s Half Marathon Group

Group Leader: Kiernan Easton

Distance: 6-8 miles
Pace: 8-10 min/mile

To aim for and work towards a 2hr half marathon. To encourage the taking part in XC and HRRL events. To improve your own running, and to support others in their running journey. Speed work Tuesdays. Thursday runs will vary in distance and pace but will aim to be run at between 8 and 9:30 min/mile.

Tony’s Group

Group Leader: Tony Conway
Deputy Leaders: Pete Collins

Distance: 10-12 miles
Pace: 6.5-8 min/mile

Tony’s group with the help of Pete Collins run a structured training plan focusing on the spring / autumn Marathon with “fun” sessions on completion of marathon season.

Tuesday is threshold training usually done in the Lakeside / foreshore area and is suitable for all runners wanting to work hard and improve.

Thursday is a 10/12 mile run over various routes on road at 6:40/8:45 mm pace.

Sessions are normally posted on Facebook the night before or on the morning of the session.

Martin’s Group

Group Leader: Martin Bacon

Distance: 10-15 miles
Pace: 8-9 min/mile

Martin Bacon has led an off-road training group for the last ten years, meeting normally at the top of Portsdown hill in the car park opposite the George pub toward Farlington Avenue (not the burger van viewpoint car park) – runs start at 6:45pm on Tuesdays from Lakeside and Thursdays from hilltop car park and 08:50am on Saturdays.

The group was set up especially to cater for runners who want to train mainly off-road and who want to do anything from Half Marathon to Ultra Distance races, either on or off-road. The general group standard ranges from around 4:15 marathon runners down to sub 3:00 marathon runners and ultra runners. All standards in between are catered for.The group usually does hill work on and off-road each Tuesday, with a Thursday tempo or steady run ranging from 10 miles in the winter up to 16 miles during the lighter summer evenings. On Saturdays the group normally offers a steady run from 12 miles to 20 miles mainly off road. Many of the group race regularly and others offer support with navigational recce runs on ultra courses, support crew duties, buddying, pacing, transport – or even simply going along to cheer on their friends.