Weekend running group

Tony Conway has a weekend running group that will be doing LSR at 8.30 mm pace. Tony will publish the day/time and route for the run in the week before. Please book here if you want to run with this group.

Brighton Marathon

Every year, Brighton Marathon Weekend gives registered club runners the opportunity to secure a guaranteed place through their club.

This year, as well as continuing to offer this for the 2021 event, they are also launching a new loyalty scheme for all England Athletics and Welsh Athletics clubs. For every 10 Brighton Marathon places that are purchased by runners from Portsmouth Joggers club, we will receive one free Brighton Marathon place for the following year, and for every 10 BM10k places, the club will also gain a free BM10k place for the following year! We are then free to use these places as we wish, perhaps as part of a Christmas raffle, or to encourage someone to complete their first marathon or first 10k.

When you book your place and are EA affiliated, register as a Portsmouth Joggers member which will count towards our club participants entries and count towards our free entry.

From the 2022 event, club entries will be available for Portsmouth Joggers runners to purchase all year round and will include their lower price points to encourage more runners to register through their clubs and generate free places for us as a club. 

The Brighton Marathon will be open for club entries from the 28th April 2021 for the Brighton Marathon and the BM10k for September. However, if you want to express your interest in taking part, you’re welcome to contact them now. You will then be contacted on the 28th April with information on how to secure your place.

For more information please see their web page here: https://brightonmarathonweekend.co.uk/events/brighton-marathon/club-entries/

Resumption of club running

I am very pleased to announce that Lakeside have granted permission for us to resume Covid secure group running from Tuesday 30th March 2021. As the country comes out of national lockdown on Monday 29th March, we are eligible to resume Covid secure running. This means that for the time being, we must continue with our Covid secure approach including booking through the eventbrite system and these will be available to you over the weekend.

As a Covid secure running club we can run in groups of up to 12 as long as we operate in a Covid secure manner. There is the potential for some negative press from the public seeing groups of runners out in large groups again. I’m sure you will bear this in mind when out running and conduct yourselves with due courtesy and respect for other road users. Please bear this in mind as this impacts on the reputation of our club and the running community.

I am collating responses from the group leaders about resuming their groups from next week and will publish this when we make the eventbrite booking available.

Remember that the Welfare Lead is happy to support anyone who is concerned about resuming group running or is looking for a run buddy.

I look forward to seeing you at club soon. We will continue to review the government and UKA guidance and amend our Covid secure plans accordingly.

Take care


Chair, PJC

We’ll be back soon

I just wanted to let you know that the committee are working in the background to get us back to club running as soon as it is safe to do so. Our target date for resuming club running is Tuesday 30th March 2021. We have been in contact with Lakeside to confirm if we can use the car parks to meet up before our group runs on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. We are not yet permitted to meet inside and that will remain the case for at least the next three months.

In line with government and UKA guidance, we have produced Covid secure plans that will enable groups to resume running with up to 12 in each group as long as we do this in a Covid secure way. In order to comply with Covid secure arrangements, we will require members to book through eventbrite to meet the requirements of track and trace, we will provide more details on this once we have confirmation that we can resume next week.

We have written to all the group leaders to determine when they are looking to resume running with their groups and hopefully will be able to share this in more detail in the coming days.

It will be great to get out running together again but please be mindful of others when group running in the interests of maintaining harmonious community relations and the potential negative impact on the running community by the public seeing groups of runners out again.

if you haven’t run for a while or are a bit apprehensive about resuming running and would appreciate a bit of support or a running buddy, please get in touch and our welfare lead Alex Binyon will do her best to help you. You can contact Alex via chair@pjc.org.uk

Hope to see many of you soon, take care and stay safe

Tony, Chair PJC

Thank you

On behalf of the committee who were voted in at the AGM on Thursday 25th February 2021, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the outgoing committee for their support over the past two years and navigating the club through some difficult challenges with the imposition of lockdown and resumption to club running in a Covid secure way. The outgoing committee have rotated out of their roles leaving the club with a solid foundation for us to build upon.

I would also like to thank the outgoing chair Steve Wooldridge for his stewardship during this time and for the extensive handover provided to me on taking over the role of chair, thank you Steve.

The committee are very grateful for your support and will be working hard over the coming weeks to support the resumption of club running in a Covid secure way and in accordance with England Athletics and government guidance.

We will keep you updated on the plans for the forthcoming year to include races and social events to support the clubs constitution. We also intend to run another couch to 5k group.

We will provide an update in the coming weeks through a range of social media platforms and would welcome any ideas or suggestions that you have in respect of club running, races, social events or anything that you feel would help to support the clubs aims of being a social running club for all irrespective of ability.

Take care, stay safe and hope to see you out running soon!

Tony Quinn

Portsmouth Joggers Club