Resumption of Club Running

An update on resuming club runs….
England Athletics (EA) have published guidance for clubs to resume activities – this is dated 4th August but they have confirmed that there is no change to this guidance in light of the government’s recent announcement regarding groups of 6 etc. Click here to see this in full.

In simple terms, we have a choice of limiting group sizes to 6, or going “Covid Secure”, which gives us scope to run larger groups. We decided that the latter route is the preferred option, and so a group of volunteers from the club have been working on a plan to enable us to do this.

This plan is, to the best of our ability, compliant with EA guidance, and also been agreed by Lakeside, albeit certainly to begin with, we have to meet outside in order to comply with their own risk assessment, and while we will have limited group sizes, it will be higher than 6, and we will have scope to increase this if everything works and it doesn’t increase the risks. Lakeside have been very supportive, we have use of their toilet (only 1 so its limited), which involves them in an extra deep cleanse as a result, so this is appreciated.

Maintaining social distancing is a requirement throughout, both while running in your groups, and also at the start. Assembling at the same time (7.00pm in our case) is the biggest risk to this, so we will meet outside both to comply with the EA guidance on this, and Lakeside’s own risk assessment, which prohibts us from using the Atrium anyway.

To test the new way of running club nights (no pun intended!), we will be doing a trial with 2 groups – the Inbetweeners and the Hermits – with a view to re-launching club nights in full on 29th September. Indeed, the first test went very smoothly, although we are already making some tweaks based on feedback received.

Prior to the full launch, there will be a new “Covid page” on this website with the details you need, including copy of the club risk assessment. It will no doubt evolve based on experience and feedback – something we have been doing already. As an example, we will have a smaller group for those who wish to limit contact (for example because they are shielding, but there is no need to give a reason!). To a certain extent, changes like this will also depend on demand for them of course.