AGM Results

Many thanks to everyone who joined the Zoom meeting or voted in advance. Highly unusual way of conducting the AGM, but thankfully the technology (and my ability to work it!!) functioned adequately – 1 or 2 “moments” were quickly resolved!

I can confirm that all motions were carried unanimously, with the exception of agenda item 5b : “Will the Committee please consider moving the club back to the Mountbatten Centre”. This motion was voted on as follows:
For: 5 votes, Against 38 votes.

As a result of the AGM, the new committee is as follows:

Tony Quinn – Chair
Ben Stait – Treasurer
Tess Pritchard – Secretary
Sue Clarke – Vice Chair.
Other Committee members are: Naouele McHugh, Simon Evans, Mike Donovan, Alex Binyon, Jo McDonald, Celia Oxley, Brian Rees.

Sign off time for me after 2 very interesting years! Having worked with all of the above during those 2 years, either as part of the committee or the very active “volunteer group” that has worked tirelessly over the last 8 months getting the club back active again during the COVID restrictions, I have every confidence they will take PJC on to better things as the restrictions ease over the coming weeks.
Steven Wooldridge – outgoing PJC Chair!