Covid Secure Club Runs

Under guidance issued by England Athletics, the club is able to resume club runs from 29th September, at Lakeside on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7.00pm.

However, there are a few changes, as detailed below, and I would urge you to read these carefully to ensure club nights under covid restrictions run smoothly for all concerned.

You will need to pre-book your run with your chosen group – this is to help keep the group numbers under control (maximum 11 for now), and also for track and trace purposes. Note, you must be a PJC member – non members please contact before booking.

If you are unsure what group to run with, click here for more details.

Tony Conway Group – meet car park C1 – click here to book.

Weekend runners with Tony Conway – click here to book.

PJC Pacers (Richard) – meet car park C2 – click here to book.

Hermits (Ian) – meet car park B4 (bottom) – click here to book.

Hermits Overflow (Tim) – meet car park B4 (top) – click here to book.

Inbetweeners (Simon) – meet car park B6 – click here to book.

Social Runners (Sue) – meet car park B2 – click here to book.

C25K (Tony Q) – meet car park C3 – click here to book.

C25K (Tony Q) (overflow group) – meet car park C3 – click here to book.

Social Runners (overflow group) B2 – click here to book

Jeffing with Brian – meet car park B3 – click here to book

Important Guidance for everyone.

  1. You must book in advance (this can be as late as 6.55pm!), and include your contact details for track and trace purposes.
  2. Please do not come along if you are displaying any covid symptoms – even if you have booked.
  3. Face coverings to be worn prior to the run (PJC buffs included!), but not required during the run.
  4. Keep to your own group prior to the run – please don’t leave your group to go to speak to someone in a different group!
  5. We are not allowed inside the Atrium (where we normally meet), but Lakeside have given us use of the toilet in the retail block. If its locked, asked security to unlock for us – they are aware.
  6. It is a requirement that you maintain social distancing throughout the run – especially at the start, end, re-groups and crossing points (roads etc).
  7. During the run – no loop backs – your group leader will explain this.
  8. Group leaders have been provided with pocket size and/or disposable gels.

We have drawn up a risk assessment, which you can view here. This is a requirement in order to comply with our governing body (England Athletics), but is also needed for our hosts (Lakeside), and potentially the local authority and local police.