Gosport 5k series

The Gosport 5k summer series is back from 8th June if anyone is interested in taking part https://www.nice-work.org.uk/races/gosport-5k-series-1

NEW 5k to 10k programme

There will be a trial of a 9 week programme to take members from 5k to 10k runners over the course of 9 weeks. This will run from Tuesday 6th July till Thursday 2nd September. The 9 weeks will include structured sessions for Tuesday and Thursday club nights with a homework session to be completed over the weekend to complete that week’s training. This is only available to PJC members and is free of charge.

The purpose of the programme is to support club members to progress from 5k to 10k runners in 9 weeks. On completion of the programme, club members will be encouraged to identify the current group that best meets their running needs.

This will initially be led by the C25K programme leader, supported by other experienced PJC members. If you are interested in taking part in this 9 week programme, please e-mail chair@pjc.org.uk to confirm your place.

Weekend running group

Tony Conway has a weekend running group that will be doing LSR at 8.30 mm pace. Tony will publish the day/time and route for the run in the week before. Please book here if you want to run with this group.

Brighton Marathon

Every year, Brighton Marathon Weekend gives registered club runners the opportunity to secure a guaranteed place through their club.

This year, as well as continuing to offer this for the 2021 event, they are also launching a new loyalty scheme for all England Athletics and Welsh Athletics clubs. For every 10 Brighton Marathon places that are purchased by runners from Portsmouth Joggers club, we will receive one free Brighton Marathon place for the following year, and for every 10 BM10k places, the club will also gain a free BM10k place for the following year! We are then free to use these places as we wish, perhaps as part of a Christmas raffle, or to encourage someone to complete their first marathon or first 10k.

When you book your place and are EA affiliated, register as a Portsmouth Joggers member which will count towards our club participants entries and count towards our free entry.

From the 2022 event, club entries will be available for Portsmouth Joggers runners to purchase all year round and will include their lower price points to encourage more runners to register through their clubs and generate free places for us as a club. 

The Brighton Marathon will be open for club entries from the 28th April 2021 for the Brighton Marathon and the BM10k for September. However, if you want to express your interest in taking part, you’re welcome to contact them now. You will then be contacted on the 28th April with information on how to secure your place.

For more information please see their web page here: https://brightonmarathonweekend.co.uk/events/brighton-marathon/club-entries/